Digital Textualities / Canadian Contexts: September 20-22 at the University of Alberta

Celebrating the launch of the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory

The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory supports the creating, uploading, sharing, enhancing and curating of research materials by interlinking the contents of individual projects and by supporting team-based collaboration. CWRC undertakes to enrich the study of Canadian writing by providing a structure for the presentation and circulation of digital media not available or easily accessible in other forms, including sound archives, visual materials, video, performance, theatre, and other ephemera, rare books in special collections organized bibliographies, and other marginal material.

Conference objectives

  • Bringing together scholars, students, readers, and researchers who have been engaged in the digital study of Canadian literature or the study of digital humanities research in literature and culture in the Canadian context, to take stock of digital approaches to writing and culture in Canada and to develop productive exchanges through conference presentations, discussions, and workshops.
  • Introducing scholars and students in the university context and the broader community of interested readers and researchers who work online to the Canadian Writing and Research Collaboratory (CWRC) to the range of research already in development and to the ways in which CWRC not only supplements but has the potential to change the ways in which research in Canadian literature is undertaken in the academic context and outside of it.
  • Advancing the work that CWRC has begun in digital research in and on Canadian writing and culture by establishing new connections, collaborations, and projects. CWRC is an online environment for scholarly research, bringing together Canadian and international researchers who work with online technologies to investigate writing and related cultural practices relevant to the Canadian context.

Program Committee

  • Susan Brown
  • Cecily Devereux
  • Marie Carrière

Conference Organizers

  • Susan Brown
  • Cecily Devereux